Powerful tool for infection control supporting hospital bed management

ACHROS portable isolation room can raise bed capacity without hospital construction work. It gives an excellent opportunity for healthcare systems to save significant resources on intensive care treatment by stopping the spread of infections.


Unlike one-bed hospital rooms, this product reduces patient’s delirium and provides faster recovery and better survival in severe sepsis.


For institutional customer (hospital), it frees space and capacity for other profitable services. To end user (patient), it provides an unparalleled increase in return to health and well-being.






25 years’ senior executive experience in growing and developing financial services, tech and engineering companies in a variety of geographies and markets

Zoltán SÁGI M.D.



10 years’ experience in healthcare of Hungary and UK with 5 years spent in innovation management




10 years in clinical research with more than 40 managed international clinical trials

Krisztián KISS M.D.

Principal Scientist


7 years in anesthesiology and intensive care and 5 years in scientific research

Medical Advisory Board

Prof. Valér CSERNUS M.D. Ph.D


Professor at Department Anatomy, University of Pécs Medical School in Hungary. Main research interest: mechanism and control of secretion from endocrine glands and mechanism of circadian and seasonal biorhythms. Regular scientific expert activities for the European Commission and several scientific journals. Member of the German National Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Chuen Neng LEE MBBS. MMed. FAMS


Chairman of the Centre for Healthcare Innovation & Medical Engineering (CHIME), National University of Singapore; Chair of University Surgical Cluster, National University Health System; Prof Lee is the founder of the Department of Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery when he returned from the Mayo clinic in 1985.

Prof. Zsolt MOLNÁR M.D. Ph.D


Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, University of Szeged in Hungary. Has been reviewing for most critical care journals (Crit Care Med, Intensive Care Med, Minerva Anesth, Acta Anaesth Scand, Journal of Crit Care, etc), has been on the editorial board of national and international journals and publishing extensively in several fields of critical care.

Matthew Edward COVE MBChB. FCCP. FAMS


Assistant Professor, Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore. Providing critical care in a medical ICU, Dr Cove runs a research lab focusing on carbon dioxide in critical illness, exploring the effect of carbon dioxide on cerebral autoregulation, developing novel approaches to extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.


Béla KÖVES M.D. Ph.D


Scientific Expert and member of  international Working Groups and Boards (European Association of Urology- EAU Section of Infections; Infectious Diseases Society of America- IDSA; Guideline Working Group for Urological Infections). Main field of scientific interests and research areas are urinary tract infections and severe inflammatory disorders.

We address our scientific, regulatory and clinical developments with the help of the world-class professionals above, who represent the following partners:


Infection control addresses factors related to the spread of infections within the healthcare setting, including prevention, monitoring and investigation of demonstrated or suspected spread of infection within a particular health-care setting and managing the interruption of outbreaks. Preventing nosocomial or healthcare-associated infection puts a heavy burden on hospitals in many aspects. Due to financial pressure and healthcare quality requirements, bed management is an essential part of the infection control in healthcare facilities.


ACHROS isolation room is an easy to install individualized ward. This medical equipment is to accommodate intensive care patients and their bed with a number of options for personalized medicine. This is the unique medical equipment that is capable of isolating the infected patient from the medical staff and non-stop healthcare related activities.


Nov 2014 > ACHROS HealthTech established

Dec 2014 > Patent application in Hungary/ Europe

March 2015 > ISICEM presentation in Brussels

June 2015 > Test model finalized

August 2015 > Concept validated in FIME Miami

Oct 2015 > ESICM presentation in Berlin

Feb 2016 > Patent application in the US

March 2016 > ISICEM presentation in Brussels

June 2016 > Medical Advisory Board registration

Oct 2016  > ESICM presentation in Milan

2016 Q3 >  Proof of Concept clinical trial approved by regulatory and ethics

2017 Q3  > completing PoC clinical trial

2018 Q1  > mobile ICU prototype licensed for clinical use

2018 Q4 > market entry

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